Female Physical Therapist Needed

Female Physical Therapist Needed

Full-time, Part-time
Adenta, Greater Accra
Posted 2 months ago

Provide therapeutic expertise, acting as first-contact physical therapist and making decisions about the best course of action for clients (including in relation to undifferentiated conditions). This will involve seeing clients, in order to establish a rapid and accurate diagnosis and management plan.

Progress and request investigations to facilitate diagnosis and choice of treatment regime, understanding the information limitations derived from these and the relative sensitivity and specificity of particular tests diagnostic services such as x-rays, and interpret and act on results to aid diagnosis and the management plans of clients.

Deliver programmes of supported client self-management, in ways that facilitate behavioural change, optimise individuals’ physical activity, mobility, fulfilment of personal goals and independence, and that minimize the need for pharmacological interventions

  1. Evaluate patients and provides pain relief therapy as needed
  2. As needed or requested, help clients create self-management routines;
  3. Create progress notes on the management programme and client improvement;
  4. Administers the management plan as intended;
  5. Keep track of and report any modifications to the patient’s condition or capacity to carry out the management
  6. Provide instruction to the client on how to use Service tools
  7. Support clients’ recovery in accordance with the care plan.
  8. Carry out equipment and tool management tasks, including being responsible for the maintenance, running and proper functioning of all Service
  9. Counsel clients on management programmes, general conditioning, and maintaining health Take part in in-services and case
  10. Perform administrative tasks when necessary and as required;
  11. Effectively communicate with everyone involved in the Service
  12. Conduct assessments of the client’s functioning level and creates appropriate management
  13. Conduct assessments of clients’ fitness and conditioning and creates appropriate management
  14. Serve as the primary point of professional contact for customers who regularly visit the Service; Guarantee value-based care; is in charge of the clients’ well-being while they are there
  15. Help the Service handle complaints, record and report any incidents or accidents; and be involved in the monitoring and recording of any corrective action
  16. Support the service in developing its capacity to be fit for purpose by adjusting to changes in role as it develops and grows
  17. Participate in outreach and marketing initiatives carried out by the Service, and/or Organisation; Be involved in developing and delivering training
  18. Be involved in all other services run by the Service;
  19. To, as a core requirement, work to increase the reach of the Service by increasing revenue and bringing in more
  20. To create, record, and put into effect new procedures for the Service’s client management;
  21. To carry out any other responsibilities as directed by Management


The successful applicant must have:

  • At least 2 years post qualification experience as a physical therapist/physiotherapist within the last 3 years, with time spent working with the elderly (over 60 years).
  • Experience may be either paid or unpaid
  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy, Physical Therapy, or Sports & Exercise Science from a recognized Institution
  • A good network with the ability to attract new clients into the Service
Required Abilities:
  • The capacity to interact politely and successfully with clients who come to the Service or service; The ability to collaborate with other members of the team or staff when necessary;
  • The capacity to operate well both independently and in a group
  • Capacity to uphold the standards and principles of data protection and confidentiality
  • The candidate must possess the following skills:
  • Organising and finishing tasks on time; meeting physical demands of the job, such as bending, stooping, squatting, kneeling, lifting, and standing;
  • Applying newly learned knowledge effectively in the workplace;
  • Handling challenging clients; relating to and cooperating with elderly clients in particular;
  • Capacity to respond to emergencies in a composed and controlled manner;
  • Being able to start working right away; providing high-quality service and work
  • Capacity to attract at least 30% of Service/Service patrons;
  • Capacity to exhibit a passion for knowledge
  • Capacity to establish personal priorities and exhibit effective time management
  • The capacity to recognise one’s own interests and learning demands.
  • The capacity to consider and evaluate one’s own performance.
  • Capacity to recognise dangers associated with one’s own work
  • Exhibit personal wisdom and the capacity to control one’s emotions in trying
  • Working knowledge of physiotherapy/physical therapy in rehabilitation and its application in practice
  • Working knowledge of physical/exercise therapy in chronic disease management and its application in practice
  • Working knowledge of physical/exercise therapy in aging well and its application in practice
  • Comprehensive assessment towards development of robust therapy plans and its application in practice
  • Review and revision of therapy plans and its application in practice
Core Competencies:
  • Respect for Authority, Process and Service Policies
  • Good IT Skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Good communication skills
  • High level of Professionalism
  • Intelligence and quickly learning new things
  • Leadership
  • Good collaborative skills
  • Ability to train and mentor
Personal Attributes:
  • Integrity, flexibility, enthusiasm, motivation, commitment, respect and courtesy
  • Must be available to start work immediately
  • Drive to continuously improve practice and knowledge

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